Rapper Freddie Gibbs, also known as “Gangsta Gibbs,” apparently forgot all about his weed stash during a flight to Denver and checked his luggage with a few bags of marijuana in it. He claims that when he landed and picked up his bag, his weed was still there with a note of inspection from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with the phrase “C’mon Son,” scribbled on it. Instead of running out of the airport feeling lucky that he dodged drug trafficking charges and never speaking of the incident again, Gibbs promptly posted a picture of the note (including the offending weed) on Twitter.

Although it is unknown which inspector is responsible for the unusually accepting search, the TSA has responded that they are looking into the matter. This incident comes just a few months after a woman found a note next to a sex toy in her bag from a TSA agent that said “get your freak on girl,” and was fired as a result.

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