We all know most reality shows aren’t based in reality, but some programs, especially those that deal with competitions are closer to the truth than others. Or so we thought.

Recently, Tyra Banks admitted to playing a “role” on her hit show America’s Next Top Model, in which she often acted mother hen, judge, and homegirl to the show’s contestants.

On the CNN special “Dinner With the Kings” Tyra explained the motives behind her top model persona.

“When I did my show, created my show or whatever, I also created a persona on ‘Top Model.’ And it’s a character,” she informed the group. “So, when I’m sitting there and I have all this make-up on, and I’m like, ‘Your picture’s not fierce…’ talking all that and reprimanding the girls, that is a character.”

As a model, Tyra is used to being “on” for the cameras and apparently, her ‘Top Model’ showings were all just apart of the performance.

“I don’t do that, like, in real life; I’m passive aggressive. I’m anti-confrontational; I’m even in coaching to learn how to be confrontational.

It’s a character, but people think it’s real. I’m so not sexy. I know how to turn it on for a picture, but I’m not sexy in real life.”

What do you think of Tyra’s ‘Top Model’ “character”? Did you know she was playing a role? 

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