A video by video blogger, Lydia Cotton, has been making the rounds today and it’s causing quite a stir. In it, she speaks to Black women and implores them to be more accountable for their dating choices. Depending on who you ask this is either a “breath of fresh air” or yet another attempt to blame Black women for all that ails us.

Full disclosure: I know Lydia. We met this past summer at the Blogging While Brown conference and she was nothing short of gracious and open. We’ve kept in touch since then, and after I noticed her video was making the rounds, I decided to reach out and ask her about it.

Lydia explained that she made the video over a year ago after seeing Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls,’ and felt the need to address her sisters about some of our negative behavior.

She explains,”Let us be mindful that this isn’t [directed] at ALL black women but, unfortunately many of us go through these trials, myself included. If you don’t see yourself in this video, no need to be offended, it wasn’t for you.”

Lydia also insisted that her words weren’t meant to judge black women, but rather highlight some of the negative choices she’s noticed. She also told me she has several videos addressing black men, so they aren’t off the hook either (peep her vid page).

Watch Lydia Cotton’s video “For Color Girls Who Considered Scapegoating When Accountability Wasn’t Enough” & share your thoughts.

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