Clutchettes gotta stick together and when I see a fellow Clutchette doing something BIG, I can’t help but give her props.

Enter Arielle Loren and her new magazine, Corset. Arielle is a regular CLUTCH contributor and often offers a fresh look at sex and sexuality. In her latest venture Corset, Arielle is exploring sex and sensuality on a deeper level.

Corset is described as, “the go-to magazine for all things sexuality. Embracing human curiosity, restoring sensuality, and celebrating sex, CORSET delivers enlightening, empowering, educational, and entertaining content to readers ready to step beyond their comfort zones and uplift a necessary discourse.” And judging from the beautifully written and photographed inaugural issue, it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

Tackling such issues as nudity, motherhood, loving your body, and sensuality, Corset is a needed space for women of color looking to express their sensual selves.

Check out the premiere issue of Corset magazine and support a fellow Clutchette!

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