Do you remember when Jennifer Hudson was a singer and actress and not a professional weight watcher? If you don’t, her latest commercial for Weight Watchers serves as an forceful reminder of how far Ms. Hudson has come since her days on American Idol. There’s such a nice inspirational side to it; ultimately it’s a visual reminder of how hard work and dedication can help you lose 80 pounds or become an Oscar winner or whatever you want to do with your life. Then there’s an eerie side that forsakes the old Jennifer, who was cute and talented and maybe a bit over the top but tried really hard with her curly weave, for a new, Hollywood-ized vesion of a favorite former underdog. Check it out:

Are you feeling this commercial? What do you think of Jennifer Hudson’s transformation? 

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  • Melissa

    I agree with most comments. I thought she was beautifull then and now. I am happy about her weight loss success. The singing was off key and they put the commercial on a lot. I got tired of hearing it. Her new body looks great.