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It’s time to go home, Herman.

For months, you tried to tell us you were actually running for president. You artfully hoodwinked hundreds of campaign staffers and volunteers into helping you push books and speeches. From the looks of things, you spent more time barnstorming and signing autographs in Tennessee and Alabama than you did meeting voters in critical early states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

theGrio: Cain ‘reassessing’ presidential campaign run

For anyone who has actually managed a campaign, it was mind-boggling that you refused to hire staff or build an organization in any of the early states. We looked on in utter disbelief as you trampled on your own campaign messages and, when they showed signs of life, you backed up the truck and rolled over them again. Name the issue and you had an answer–answers that often changed within minutes.


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At one point, you stumbled and stammered your way to becoming the GOP frontrunner. That would be commendable if not for the success of reality show stars like NeNe Leakes and Evelyn Lozada.. All you’re missing now are a pair of Christian Loubitins and lace-front wig.

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  • Perverted Alchemist

    Herman Cain is probably the one presidential candidate who basically talked himself out of the presidency. Even George W. Bush knew when to shut up, LMAO!!!

  • edub

    I agree with you. But I am glad he did. He is painfully unready to be head of this country. I like him though. I hope he gets his crap sorted out.

  • Ginger

    I find the sexual harassment and cheating allegations troubling. Obviously, I don’t personally know what happened but I find them believable.

    Ugh, men in politics are jerks!

  • watcher

    why does the media only focus on him and the GOP but not the Dem’s or other parties at all? In a marketing perspective his campaign seems to be going well.
    On a political one I can’t take him seriously. He’s just being used as an uncle tom black face to entertain ppl and distract us from real issues.

  • iQgraphics

    Ohhhkaaaayyyy. This is why the Republican Party has decided to give up on Cain… hmmm. So it’s not the fact that he has no real political clout, is a novice when it comes to world affairs, wants to fry mexicans at the boarder or has no knowledge of trade embargo… but because of some sexual indiscretions…

    Cain had in winning. He was merely a “token” the Rep party was using to prove that they were not racist. Now their ousting him under the guise of moral integrity…

    hmmm, and now the republican front runner is Newt Gringrich… Who has the same record, if not worse, when it comes to sexual indiscretions…

    Wheres your integrity with this one?


    None of them can hear Ron Paul in the background….


    I strongly believe that political partisanship and the race for president is nothing more than a popularity contest that is baseless in regards to representation of the people.