Do black women use online dating sites?2012 just began and this year, I’m aiming to try some new things. While I dipped my toe into the online dating world last year, I figured I’d give it another shot this year. While I don’t think I’ll meet my future husband, at the very least I’ll expand my social circle, hopefully have some fun, and have some interesting stories to write about.

Last night I was polishing up my profile on a dating site when I noticed a few things that kinda suck:

There aren’t enough black men: I know, some people think black women should expand our dating prospects. And while I agree with not limiting yourself, I have a major soft spot for the brothas (sue me). I mentioned this to a friend and she wondered if, perhaps, black men had too many options already and didn’t need to “resort” to online dating. That stung…was I “resorting” or was I just broadening the field? Hmmmm.

There aren’t enough black men who want to date black women: On the off chance that I have run across a black dude on a dating site (in my local area & age group), I notice that he’ll hint at wanting to date “others.” Usually this can be sussed out by his use of phrases like, “I’m not the average black guy,” or “I like ‘exotic’ women,” or “Unlike other black people, I like rock music.” While there’s nothing wrong with rock (I listen on occasion), having to specific that you’re not like OTHER “normal” (read: stereotypical) black people tells me you’re probably uncomfortable with your race and you looking for Becky.

Luring me in with freebies, only to hit me up for cash when I try to reach out: Man, listen. Most dating sites aren’t free…and I get that, but why do they try to trick you into thinking they are? Most sites allow you to sign up for free, browse profiles, and even make contact with people you find interesting, only to snatch it all away the moment you want to read what somebody wrote to you. Once that happens they start trying to hold your credit card info hostage. It’s like a crack dealer giving you the bomb free samples, then charging you for the weak ish once you’re hooked. Just give me the price up front.

Have you tried online dating sites? What are some things that you think suck? 


*Via WhoUCallinABitch

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  • Girl

    Um if a black guy implies that he likes rock..it tells me that he’s openminded and I would reach out. YOU are assuming that black women only like Rap/R&B..so if anything OP you’re the one with the problem

    Now asking for exoticals is a whole different situation which I would avoid although personally I find it hard to believe any guy would write that.

  • well i’m a white guy who dated a black girl for 4 years. lmao! this girl was in my ass. a bull headed,
    no reasoning, proud to a fault mothafucka! lmao! anyways, i loved her so much! and just took it till
    i wore out.i had to break up cuz my brain was gone after her workin on me. i mean i watched her and other sistas in action, and yes lmao! LMAO! you girls got to
    tone it down, take some zooloft or torcha blunt! black guys like white girls and i dont blame them cuz most are whores and they dont fight soooo much. LMAO!!! oh!one time this old girlfriend of mine busted my ass sayin’ shit like “u wanna a tan cuz u wanna be BLACK!” i laaaaughed!! i told
    her yeah, u wear hair ties cuz u wanna be WHITE!!!. u sista sorry!! LMFAO!!

  • I tried online dating from 2011 to 2012, and met only a few people in person. The men online were just, ugh, too much for me sometimes. The conversations often centered around sex, body parts and the like and it was discouraging. I shut down all my profiles late last year because of personal reasons and although at times I’m tempted to start them up again, I remind myself of the characters I ran into and decide against it.