The State of the Black Woman’s Mane seems to be one of the hottest topics of 2011 and it looks as if it will continue to be on everyone’s minds in 2012. Chris Rock hosted the comedic “Good Hair” which only scratched the surface of the complexity of black womens’ relationships with our hair. Filmmaker Hemamset Angaza is undertaking the task of adding another perspective and voice to the conversation with his documentary, In Our Heads About Our Hair. According to the film’s creator, it takes a humorous and candid look at “black women’s issues regarding hair and self-esteem, and advocates for the acceptance of all hairstyle choices.” We hope that the documentary brings a new, fresh, and accurate perspective to Black Hair.

Here are three things we would like to see:

1. The historical perspective that was missing from “Good Hair” on why black women have for decades opted to relax their hair versus wear their hair in its natural state. Do black women feel pressured to relax to fit a social standard of beauty that favors European features? Does relaxing your hair or opting to go natural have social and political significance, or is it simply a style choice?

2. A segment that explores the role men play in how a woman decides to wear her hair. We’d like to see real men address the query of whether it really matters to them what texture a woman’s hair is, and what informs their choice of preference. Is it more important to them that a woman keeps up the appearance of her hair, whether it is permed or natural?

3. We’d like to see fair and balanced coverage on the surge of black women who are now embracing their “natural hair”. In the last two years, there has been a steady increase in black women who have said no the “creamy crack” and have opted to wear their hair in its natural texture. Some predicted that this was merely a fad, but years later there are more and more women who are joining the natural hair community. Why are several women making the switch to natural hair? What is the impetus for their decision?

What else would you like to see in this documentary?

Click here for information on when the documentary will be screening.

-Nikia Pope


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