So you like to read. Reading is great, it opens your mind up to different worlds, thoughts and possibilities. But just like a night of watching drink throwing, sucker punching, wrench to the throat giving Mobbed Up Hipped Hopped I Wish I Was A Basketball Wife TV can rot your brain, so can reading certain books. Just like ‘reality’ television, reading certain books just become a guilty pleasure, a way for your brain to escape the pressure of having to think too hard. I know I’m not the only one guilty of it, so I’ll be the first to speak up — My name is Danielle, and here are 4 books I’m ashamed I’ve read.

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  • Tami

    I read all the books Danielle mentioned. I have also read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, I know Why The Caged Bird Sings, The Isis Papers, Sula, The Bluest Eyes & more. Hood novels have their place…I enjoyed reading Karrine’s book. It was juicy. I guess if that is all you fill your head up with, that is not a good thing, especially if you’re young. But hood novels can be fun. Just like mindless entertainment, but just not all the time!!!

  • Brittany

    I have reall all of these books…i like hood novels it takes me away to somewhere I am far from…and I actually bought the 2nd book Karrine wrote now that was a waste of time but I read her first one in one day…I just like to read and when I get a chance I choose these books…plus there so jucy!

  • Cimice

    I love urban books but after a while they all sound the same.

  • Blqdymd

    I just can’t with these hood novels. I’ve tried too, just to see what the hype is about, but the plots are so predictable. Had a friend that worked for a publishing company and he sent me a few. Left them at the front desk of the office and watched the women devour the stories and pass them around.

    Most shameful book I’ve read to date is “Shot Girls”, an in depth memoir about the underground world of booty shots. After I finished it, I quickly picked up a Toni Morrison book to recoup some of the brain cells I lost.