Mid-January is about the time the zeal from the New Year wears off and we start settling into our old patterns. But even if your resolutions are long broken, it’s not too late to mix things up by trying a few new things that could add spice to your life and make you feel a little bit like a new woman.

1. Buy Two. The next time you treat yourself to something, be it a new shirt, an mp3, or even a bottled water, buy two and give the other one away. Spreading goodwill makes you feel great, and knowing that you made someone else’s day as bright as you made your own helps make treating yourself feel even better than usual. Not only might you have a chance to share your style by giving one of your girlfriends permission to rock the same earrings or bracelet that you snagged a great deal on, but you’d be surprised what a difference a simple thing like a snack will make to that homeless guy begging for change outside of the convenience store.

2. Make Out. Instead of rushing straight to the main event, try stopping at just kissing. We’re all grown and have our needs but there’s nothing like a relishing some sweet kisses from a new boo without worrying about what’s coming next. And if you’ve been in a relationship for years the smooching that started your love affair is probably a distant memory that deserves revisiting!

3. Get Dressed Up With No Place To Go. Why does it take so long to get through a bottle of perfume? Probably because we keep saving it for when we leave the house. Everyone deserves time to relax and zone out in front of the television, but put some pep in your step even if you’re chilling by showering, getting dressed, putting on makeup, and splashing on your signature scent even if you have nowhere to go. It feels great!

4. Revisit Your Past. With every day that passes our family histories get a little fuzzier as memories fade and time takes away our cherished elders. Instead of accepting how difficult it is to reach back in time, start researching your family history now. Sit down with your oldest family member and ask him or her what childhood was like, how it felt to live through specific historical events, and what they remember about their own elders. Record the conversation and take pictures that you can cherish forever.

5. Call a Friend You Never Call. Don’t we all have friends who we really do love but seem to only catch up with on Facebook or Twitter? With all of the social media options available it’s easy to feel like you just talked to everyone you know, but “liking” a Facebook status is no substitute for hearing someone’s voice and the spontaneity of a good old-fashioned phone call.

What have you been doing to spice up your life? Share your tips with fellow Clutchettes in the comments!

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