Sunday night was a magical night for TV and film star Idris Elba, who strutted the stage to collect his Best Performance by an Actor award for his sleek TV series Luther. The BBC installment showcases Elba as a tormented detective who has to battle his demons while also solving complicated cases.

Elba, 39, already a household name before his major win has also garnered major recognition for his dazzling good looks and irrepressible charm. And of course that disarmingly charming accent! He was named one of People Magazine’s sexiest men of the year in 2011. But here are some other facts about this English gent worth noting:

He melts like butter when it comes to his only daughter. His daughter Isan, born in 2002, lives in Atlanta with his ex-wife but distance doesn’t stop the London based actor from spending quality time with his girl.

DJ Driis! Believe it or not when Elba was trying to break into showbiz, he earned a living as a deejay in his native London and became quite popular earning the moniker “Big Driis the Londoner”. He however discourages women from dating a DJ or actor because of the endless stream of ladies around them.

Chef Elba! It’s almost too much to bear that a guy this HOT also loves to cook and is actually good at it! Despite his challenging past relationships, Elba admits that he loves to cook for the woman his life and depends on his staple of rice, vegetables and spiced meats to win her heart. Yum!
Finally, Elba declares that he is at his most comfortable donning his “birthday suit” especially at home while soaking in the bathtub or enjoying a hot shower. That is music to our ears and a fantasy come true!

We are banking on seeing more of Elba! Preferably in all his glory! Soon!

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