Sometimes I think that part of the natural progression of  meritless fame is going from relative obscurity, to the release of a sex tape/ various displays of half-nakedness, to the release of a highly auto-tuned song that references said progression but glosses over the embarrassing half-naked elements (see Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton). Amber Rose is no exception to my little theory, and her new single “Fame” featuring Wiz Khalifa is the apparent end point.

The novice musical artist had this to say:

“I’m so excited to release my first song… It’s CRAZY! Working with Wiz is a dream come true; I am fortunate to have his support.

This is a very personal song to me that I wanted to record for my fans. I want people to see the world from my eyes, you know, from BEHIND MY SHADES! It’s my interpretation of what it means to be “FAMOUS,” which is not something superficial but instead being self-confident and happy with who you are.

You can feel famous everyday if you believe in yourself!”

Amber Rose is telling us not to be superficial guys…better listen up. I’ll let folks draw their own opinions on the quality of this song, but for me its catchiness can’t compensate for the palpable lack of actual musical ability behind it.

You can listen to the track here.

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