I'm Feminist Enough Video SeriesFor some feminism is a pejorative hurled at women deemed angry, aggressive, or anti-men, and to others feminism is mantra that speaks to a life of equality, choice, and collective work. But a new video series hopes that by sharing stories of young black and brown feminists they can break down some of the negative stereotypes associated with the word.

Created by Shannon Washington, “I’m Feminist Enough” features Lyani Powers, Hillary Crosley, Leilani Montes, Clover Hope and Shantrelle Lewis, and uses videos and still images to put a new face on the movement.

According to the “I’m Feminist Enough” tumblr, the project aims to redefine “feminism for women of color worldwide and inspiring a new generation of fiercely feminist girls. The women reflected in the “I’m Feminism Enough To…” project choose to exist at the cross-roads of culture, tradition and contemporary ideas. It’s the F-Word we can all get down with.”

Check out the first three volumes of “I’m Feminist Enough” and check out the website to find out how you can share your story.

Vol. 1

Vol. 2

Vol. 3

What are you feminist enough to do? 

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