Last year I felt completely stuck.

I was in a job that I hated, I dreamed about writing full-time but couldn’t figure out how, and I just felt like my life was moving at a snail’s pace. I was degreed, in debt, and I felt like I was beginning to feel like a failure, despite all that I had accomplished to that point. It didn’t matter, I felt stuck.

Although I was faaaaar from content, and was on the verge of depression, I stayed in that state of uncomfortable-comfort for five years. Five.

Thankfully, I saw the light. After seeing a therapist, I realized that I could either continue to complain about my life and remain in the same place, or start taking some actions to improve the situation. After running in place for years, I was ready to actually take some strides.

Even though it was scary as hell to give up my safety net (my cushy teaching gig with full benefits), I did it anyway. I quit and threw myself in my passion: writing.

I know that everyone can’t up and quit a job like I did, the economy is tough and folks have bills, but continuing to remain somewhere–be it a relationship or a horrible job–where you’re not happy doesn’t make much sense either.

If you’re happy where you are, GREAT, I applaud you. But if not, take some time to craft your exit strategy and begin making moves to get free.

Are you stuck in your comfort zone? 

*Via whoucallinabitch

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