After giving birth over the weekend, hip hop’s royal family headed home early Tuesday with their little bundle of joy in tow.

Beyonce and baby Blue Ivy checked out of Lenox Hill Hospital earlier today, and headed home amid a sea of paparazzi jarring for a picture of the newborn.

According to E! the family used a motorcade to maintain their privacy and make sure no one snapped a picture of the baby. Although Bey and Jay said they won’t be selling images of their little one to the press, that hasn’t stopped many photographers from camping out trying to snag one, which is sure to go for a high price.

The “military-like” trip home was documented by the NY Daily News:

A procession of vehicles with blacked-out windows made a speedy exit from the upper East Side hospital’s side gate in the wee hours of Tuesday, witnesses said.

Two black SUVs motored quickly out of the facility’s E. 76th St. loading dock at 1:30 a.m.

Moments later, a van parked on a nearby corner reversed into the same loading dock, and the large roll-down gate closed.

The gate reopened a few minutes later and the van drove out, turned the wrong way on the one-way 76th St., and then headed north on Park Ave.

One of the two SUVs blocked traffic on Park Ave. so the van would not be impeded.

The second SUV pulled in behind the van, apparently to prevent anyone from following the music icons and their newborn daughter, Blue Ivy Carter

Now that Beyonce and baby are home, her stans will impatiently await a picture of little Blue Ivy. But if Jay’s song “Glory” is any indication (he rapped that she was “looking like little me”), she looks like her famous pop.

*Photo via the NY Daily News

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  • lostluv224

    I feel bad for them actually, its like Solange was saying on twitter–they are still human. We may think its all excessive but fans and non-fans really do alot of scary things to these celebrities (who do you think was waiting outside the hospital to take them pictures), and it must be really scary and sad for them to have to go thru such measures just to ensure your child and self is safe. You are drained after having a baby–its really not fair

  • Why was this child not born at home? How do you want to be private and make a scene too?