We’ve explored the dangers of high heels ad nauseum and it’s clear: there’s no fact compelling enough to stop women from rocking them. We love our high heels despite the warnings that harm is imminent if we wear them for an extended period of time. As we’ve reported before, high heels can eventually push the hips and spine out of alignment, shorten/contract calf muscles and of course, cause toe and heel pain when worn regularly. Most alarmingly, though, heels put the wearer at a greater risk for falling which is particularly frightening when that wearer is pregnant.

We laud Beyonce for being able to dance for hours in heels without seemingly breaking a sweat and she’s made no secret that she, like most women, loves her stilettos. In fact, the superstar was spotted recently in Brooklyn, nearing the end of her pregnancy (if various media reports are to be believed) in sky-high stilettos. Says an eyewitness via Glamazons Blog:

“She looked amazing. She wore sky-high heels. It was really impressive for an enormously pregnant woman. She looked like she was about to give birth.”

Sure she probably only walks from the car to her seat and back, but something should be said for wearing high heels in the latter months of pregnancy. Though risky, Beyonce is safe and feels fabulous in her stilettos and that’s what ultimately matters for her.

Clutchettes, would you wear high-heels throughout your pregnancy, especially during the later months? Discuss.

-Jessica C. Andrews


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