Beyonce designs shirt for Obama Campaign

Beyonce & Tina Knowles - $45

One of the most famous moms in the world is lending her name to help get President Obama reelected.

Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles have teamed up with a host of other designers to create t-shirts and other swag (bags, hats, stickers, etc.) to help the President win a second term.

Although Beyonce isn’t very outspoken on political issues, she told CNN’s Piers Morgan that she will campaign for the President this year to ensure that he’s reelected. Well, I guess she’s putting her designing skills where her mouth is, because the Obama campaign recently unveiled the Runway to Win website that features designs from Beyonce and Tina Knowles, Tracy Reese, Diddy, Tory Burch, Rachel Roy, Marc Jacobs, and Mrs. Obama’s favorite, Jason Wu.

Jason Wu designs shirt for the Obama Campaign

Jason Wu - $55

Tracy Reese for the Obama Campaign

Tracy Reese - $75

Launching February 7, the site is currently taking pre-orders for the items which are sure to sell quickly. All of the proceeds go to support the reelection of President Obama.

Would you buy Beyonce’s tee to support the Obama campaign?  

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  • Or…you can just directly donate to your preferred campaign if you are so passionate about not buying the shirt. How’s about that.

    • CWA

      Or we could just vote, which would be more effective.

    • MW


      People who are informed will vote…..as someone who worked for Obama’s campaign (a republican at that) I should say that much of the funds raised are for the attention of the people who may not vote/ don’t know the candidate’s platform or to level ads against opponents.

    • CWA

      @MW That doesn’t make sense for the simple fact that regardless of attack ads you’ll still have uniformed voters. I’m curious to know, since you worked on Obama’s campaign, why the funds were used primarily for attack ads and how did they (the funds) help in making sure those unfamiliar with him knew about his platform? I know he has to raise money this time around, but his war chest is at more than $60 million. What could $60 million do to help him in this campaign season? I’m not trying to insult you or him; I’m just trying to gain some perspective.

    • Reason

      @CWA Where did you get your laughable figures from? Check again. President Obama’s “war chest”, as an unopposed incumbent is at $220 million and that’s not counting the Super Pac or the DNC money. And he hasn’t spent any of yet whereas the Republicans, in particular the front runner Mitt Romney, has to spend his for the primary battle.

    • CWA

      @Reason, that was reported earlier this week by the USA Today and other media outlets. So where did you get your numbers from? Also, the figure I gave included what the DNC’s amount.

    • Reason

      Yes, what was reported last week was his quarterly figure ending the year. But in the bank President Obama, as reported by countless sources including the NY Times and Politico, raised $220 million, which is more than all of the Republican presidential candidates combined. He’s the president, no matter the party (Bush was also a big fundraiser) that’s why they’re also called Fundraisers-in-Chief.

  • chinaza

    I wouldn’t because you can support his campaign financially and otherwise without being a celebrity p!mp.
    It’s rather distasteful.

  • oknow

    i remember i bought my daughter an Obama shirt.. it was under $10 and these bastards want over $20.. GTFOH