Keeping up with the delicate hairs of your nether region is not just for the summer or happy time with your man, and should be part of your regular maintenance regime. However, all bikini lines are not created equally. There is the bush (gross), the landing strip, the nicely trimmed triangle, the Brasilian baldy, and for the creative among us hearts, stars and other decals available at fancy waxing salons.

If you look down at your sweet vajayjay and have to pull the hair to see the meat, this is an ABSOLUTE sign that you are trapped in a 70’s vintage porno, and more than overdue for a trim and a wax! There are several options to choose from for all budgets, so there is no excuse for not keeping your bikini line tight!

Razors: Thou shall not use a razor to eliminate your coochie curls, is rule number ONE to this game. Razors can cause bumps and ingrown hairs which is no bueno. If you’re strapped for cash by a cheap hair removal such as Nair before you pick up that shaver!

Waxing: Though this can be a painful procedure, especially if it’s your first time, it’s brief and the results are superb and long lasting. There is an assortment of different types of waxes to chose from, my favorite being sugar wax. If you have sensitive skin like I do, you should make sure that the ingredients will not be an irritant to your skin. Ask your wax specialist to (or if you are applying yourself) test out a small area on your skin. Also note if this is your first time waxing, make sure that your hairs are trimmed before the procedure.

Laser Hair Removal: This procedure is being boasted as “permanent hair reduction” as opposed to permanent hair removal”. Thus permanent results are not guaranteed, but still long lasting so the investment may still be well worth it. The procedure is not cheap, around $300 a pop, but roughly adds up to what you would spend in a year on several bikini waxes, for the recommended 2-3 sessions. If you go with the laser option be sure that the technology that is being used is conducive for brown pigments, otherwise discoloration can occur. YAG and EpiLight, are most notably used for melinated skin types.

Depilatory Creams: Products like Nair and Veet work well on the outside regions of your bikin line, but be cautious of attempting a Brasilian baldy with these products, as they can cause burning and irritation to your skin. The smell is not so pleasant, particularly for Nair, but the results are cheap and well worth the effort.

What tips do you have for maintaining your bikini line?

– Jayne Dirt

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