Here’s a warning for those who have ever thought about faking a relative’s death in order to get out of working: you might want to think twice.

A New York woman recently lost her job and found herself on the wrong side of the law after faking her daughter’s death to go on a two-week vacation to Costa Rica.

Joan Barnett, a parent coordinator at the the Manhattan School of Hospitality Management, recently found herself on the unemployment line after she allegedly fabricated a story about her daughter’s death so she could go to Central America for spring break. Apparently, Barnett’s real daughter called her job and told her employers that her sister fell sick in Costa Rica. Later, the woman called back and told the school Barnett’s daughter died of a heart attack and the entire family was heading to Costa Rica for the funeral.

After she returned from her trip, Barnett’s job requested her daughter’s death certificate, which Barnett handed over.

That’s when they noticed a problem.

The fonts on the fake death certificate didn’t match and after the school hired an investigator, they found out Barnett had booked her flight before her fake daughter supposedly died.

After learning the truth, Barnett was promptly fired and turned her over to the authorities who charged her with forgery.

Hmm, I wonder if she thinks her vacation was still worth it. My guess? Probably not.

Have you ever told an elaborate lie to get out of work or school?

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