Chelsea Settles is an absolute inspiration for the young women who are convinced that they are trapped in a lifestyle that threatens their very existence.

Last year we profiled Settles who currently has her own reality show on MTV that dutifully documents her journey from small town USA to the glam factory of LA. When the now college grad made her debut, she was 325 pounds. But that was so yesterday!

Today, Chelsea Settles is starting the New Year on a lighter note. Literally. The 24-year-old has slimmed down considerably and not only looks absolutely amazing but also feels healthier than she has ever felt in her life. Settles achieved her goal the good old fashion way without succumbing to any surgical procedures for instant gratification. She embraced a more disciplined and structured lifestyle that included a healthy high-protein diet with lots of veggies. She also maintained an exercise regimen that targeted her problem areas, and the results are undeniable.

She explains to US Weekly how she finally got herself on the right side of the tracks, “ I started to eat for the right reasons—for fuel—not because I was bored or emotional, “I’d never really believed I could change. But as soon as I visualized what I’d look like if I did and stopped making excuses, change happened”.

If that’s not inspiring, then I don’t know what is. Kudos to Settles for highlighting the “Real” aspect of her Reality show and successfully battling the demons that were intent on robbing her of the life she deserved to live to the fullest.

For all the youngsters out there battling with their weight, this could be you!

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