Chelsea Settles is an absolute inspiration for the young women who are convinced that they are trapped in a lifestyle that threatens their very existence.

Last year we profiled Settles who currently has her own reality show on MTV that dutifully documents her journey from small town USA to the glam factory of LA. When the now college grad made her debut, she was 325 pounds. But that was so yesterday!

Today, Chelsea Settles is starting the New Year on a lighter note. Literally. The 24-year-old has slimmed down considerably and not only looks absolutely amazing but also feels healthier than she has ever felt in her life. Settles achieved her goal the good old fashion way without succumbing to any surgical procedures for instant gratification. She embraced a more disciplined and structured lifestyle that included a healthy high-protein diet with lots of veggies. She also maintained an exercise regimen that targeted her problem areas, and the results are undeniable.

She explains to US Weekly how she finally got herself on the right side of the tracks, “ I started to eat for the right reasons—for fuel—not because I was bored or emotional, “I’d never really believed I could change. But as soon as I visualized what I’d look like if I did and stopped making excuses, change happened”.

If that’s not inspiring, then I don’t know what is. Kudos to Settles for highlighting the “Real” aspect of her Reality show and successfully battling the demons that were intent on robbing her of the life she deserved to live to the fullest.

For all the youngsters out there battling with their weight, this could be you!

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  • Soulfullyreal

    Weight is such a sensitive subject, its hard for people struggling with it NOT to feel some type of way, especially when they’ve been struggling for what seems like forever and not getting anywhere, or losing the weight only to gain it back in 6 months. I’ve been up to a size 18, and am now a 12 which is still considered “Plus size” by many, so I get it, and I actually get what Piper is saying we shouldn’t act as if the quality of our lives rest solely on our weight, and that we can’t live happy lives unless we are skinny. However, I don’t feel this particular article or Clutch in general is doing that.
    Yes Clutch will post a “healthy living/ weight loss” type of story, and then a “loving yourself no matter what size you are” story the next week, but they are not contradictory ideas. You can both love yourself as you are and strive to be a healthier person as well. Pursuing one doesn’t negate the other. I love being a freelance writer but that doesn’t mean I can’t strive to be an EIC one day. Being genuinely confident is a mind state that not many ppl, big or small, reach. Self love is a necessity to ones sanity but there is absolutely nothing wrong with self improvement (physical or otherwise) either, in fact I find it vital to my personal growth.

  • Being on the show provided her access to resources that many low income overweight women do not have access too. For one thing she was living in Venice. Venice isn’t exactly cheap and many residences are not open to renting to African Americans and in many cases Latinos.

    She had access to the “L.A.” lifestyle… she lives in a place that has Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and Bristol Farms and very clean and wonderful Ralphs and Vons Stores. I live in South Central L.A. and the closest grocery store to me is disgusting and we have had many protests about how disgusting this store is (Bad produce, spoiled meat, etc…). Some things they’ve improved… others they haven’t. She had a personal trainer. I’ve looked into getting a personal trainer for myself due to having a back injury and not wanting to exercise alone without a professional to guide me. Many of these trainers charge no less than $60 a week. Your average person cannot afford that… certainly not someone who works at a clothing store.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking away from Chelsea’s progress, discipline, and hard work. I love her show and I watched it because she had many of the same anxieties, pain, and self esteem issues that I had/have even though I’ve never weight nearly as much. I agree that she is an inspiration, however I’d be careful using her as the prototype or even say things like “This could be you” when she’s a girl who got extremely extremely lucky.

  • Girl

    The average person could loose weight if they wanted to. Americans always come up with stupid excuses. Only here are poor people fat. blah blkah personal trainer, blah blah special food, blah blah blah.

    and regular joe schmoes that loose weight, what’s their excuse?

    • Everyone is different. Everyone loses weight or gains weight for a variety of reasons. If she could do it all on her own, then why did it take all of the things that I previously mentioned to help her to lose the weight? She didn’t magically wake up and weigh over 300lbs.

      For one thing, weight gain and loss is mostly psychological. I don’t think people “make excuses.” I think people generally and sincerely want to be fit and/or slim. For some it’s a struggle and for others its not as much of a struggle. For some it takes a lightbulb to go on in their brains to realize they need to change, some need outside motivation, some need to emotional help, and others may need something totally contrary to anything I just mentioned. If people could lose weight just because “They wanted to” then hell, we’d all be skinny. But it doesn’t work like that obviously. Just because you don’t have the same struggles doesn’t mean that others don’t.

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