Chris Brown is a great performer. He can dance with the best of them while not missing a note. But his personal life…well…we know the story.

After “the incident” in which he brutally beat then-girlfriend Rihanna, Breezy’s been trying to reform his image. After completing his court-mandated probation, many were ready to welcome Brown back into the fold, then came the tantrums, Twitter beef, and random usage of the f-bomb which didn’t sit well with his gay fans.

But this year will be different.

Not only will Brown make his first appearance at the Grammy’s in three years, according to Brown’s manager Tina Davis (umm, where was she before?), the singer won’t be sitting down for any interviews in 2012.

“We’re not trying to be rude, selfish or disrespectful to anyone in anyway. If people are going to judge anything, judge him for his talent,” Davis said.

So…will we really not hear from Breezy all year?

Apparently, Breezy will still be on Twitter (#sideeye), but his main focus will be the music.

I wish him luck!

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