John Stewart’s Daily Show is known for pushing the envelope and dealing with the day’s political news stories in a hilarious manner. Now, Stewart has added a fresh new (brown!) face to the team, comedian Jessica Williams.

Williams, who made her Daily Show debut this week, has been a staple on the comic circuit for a while now performing in “ComedySportz: The College Team” and at the “Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.” Williams is also one of the few black women (perhaps the only?) to frequent the show, and judging by her performance, she’s absolutely hysterical.

Check out her Daily Show premiere.

Are you a Daily Show fan? Will you be tuning in to watch Jessica Williams?  

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  • She’s not funny at all. Her brand of humor is about as entertaining as Jar Jar Binks. I can’t figure out how she’s made it so far. No offense to her, but if I’m watching comedy, I want something better than a drunk high school student at a comedy club open mic could do. She’s not even that good.

  • edo

    She’s so bad I’ve stoped watchig the daily show :(

  • I don’t understand why she is still on the show. She is NOT funny. I might have to stop watching the daily show if she continues to make frequent appearances.

  • Matt

    Just another black person telling generic “aren’t honkeys lame?” jokes. When will it end?