I love love LOVED D’Angelo’s last album Voodoo, which was an unbelievable twelve years ago — time sure flies when there are no half-naked men singing lovesongs in videos, don’t it?

Since then, I’ve pretty much forced myself to get over it and I know most of us have stopped waiting for a new album. It seemed like one of those things you just had to let go.

But the other day I saw the link to his cover version of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” make the rounds online and thought I’d share it with my fellow D’Angelo devotees who miss his special brand of soul. Although folks have been saying that this song is a leak from his new album, that isn’t quite the truth. Questlove from The Roots, who is producing D’Angelo’s upcoming album, tweeted that the breathy cover is actually a demo from eight years ago and is not part of the new music, which he claims is “97% done.” He added that D’Angelo will launch his tour, called the “Occupy Music Tour,” in Europe during the early part of this year.

Ok, D. Just don’t play with our emotions on this.

Check out D’Angelo’s version of “Black Hole Sun” here.

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