D'Angelo poses with a fan in Sweden.

Ladies and gentlemen….D’Angelo has been spotted on a stage in Sweden, and by the looks of things, he’s almost back to his old self!

Can I just say how jealous I am of Europe right now?

When D’Angelo’s European tour dates were announced last year, many wondered aloud if D would even be on hand to perform, and if he did make the stage, would it be worth it. Well, new video of Thursday night’s “marathon” performance of the song ‘Chicken Grease,’ among other hits, in Stockholm, Sweden confirms that D’Angleo is indeed back and he’s still got it!

D’Angelo will be making stops in Copenhagen, Paris, Amsterdam, and London before, hopefully, heading Stateside. While there are no U.S. tour dates at the moment, I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed for D’Angelo’s return!

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  • Soulmindz

    hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Music needs artist like D’Angelo!!! he keeps real soul/funky alive! in our generation, he is the only one who does music the way he did in 2000 and, still the only one in 2012, more in live, he is a real showman!!! i saw him in Paris the 29th january 2012, and trust me, he is really back!!! his voice and his talent is better than never!!! watch all the paris/Zénith live songs on Youtube (better quality than Stockholm), it’s Awsome!!! so YES we want to hear this New album!!! Like it or not but this is real music, nothing else! PEACE