Last night I had the pleasure of helping a friend of mine with a very specific mission: Help him figure out what adventures to have before he settles down. See he’s been with his lady for a while now and in less than 200 days they’ll be making it official and she’s given him a deadline to get out the last of his single man fantasies. When he posed this question to our group of friends the resulting answers were hilarious to say the least, but the gist of the answers was basically that he should do a lot of traveling and make a lot of, to put it G rated, connections.

Use your imagination.

Out of all of us one friend gave advice that was not hormonally driven:

“I would take some time to spend all MY money. I mean ALL of it! Any and everything you wanted to buy without consulting, asking, or considering someone else, I would buy it now. I would enter marriage on ground zero with a ring and OUR first paycheck.”

Personally, I’m not one to think that all fantasies and splurging ends when you settle down. However, the reality is things must and do change when you reach that step in a relationship and there are certain things that once settled, like it or not, you simply can no longer do. It got me to thinking, if I was on the road to Foreverville, what would I like to do before I get there? What is on my single life bucket list? We all have that general bucket list that includes traveling, skydiving, learning a new language, etc, but these are all things that we can do even after we’re married. Other than having bros in different area codes, I’m not sure what I would want to include on my list. Maybe I would be a stripper for a night, pose nude for an art class, stay out all weekend without calling to check in and move most of my money to a secret account (Sorry, I can’t spend all of my money and grandma said women should always have a F#*k You fund).

For now I’m no where near close to ending my single days so I have plenty of time to hash out and live my single life bucket list. My boy on the other hand? His days may be numbered, but I’ll tell you this, with the ideas on his list he’ll be living the best damn days of his life…guaranteed!

What would you like to do before you settle down?

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