This morning I hopped into my car and immediately felt something wasn’t quite right. I glanced around and things seemed to be in order–glove compartment closed, papers still on passenger seat–but I still felt as if someone had disturbed my space.

As I dropped my son off at school, I noticed a small gift bag a friend had given me a few weeks ago lying on the floor. I knew I had kept it in my glove compartment, but in the morning rush I thought perhaps I had ruffled through the glovebox and it had fallen to the floor. On the way home, I noticed my iPod was missing…then it all made sense.

Somebody had been in my car!

I checked around, opened the glove box, and noticed that another small gift box (that I kept although it was empty) was open and the decorative paper was strewn about. That confirmed it for me: someone had definitely been going through my things.

This is the second time my car has been broken into. Last April, I found a man going through my ish and confronted him. When he saw me, he began to run, and I didn’t know whether I should chase him or not (people are crazy). I figured that my things weren’t worth my life, and I followed him from a distance, although every fiber in my body told me to run up on him and try to get my things back. In hindsight I feel like I could have wrestled away my stuff (which included a laptop), but I let it go. Better safe than sorry.

While I believe in intuition, my track record on following my own is a little spotty. And although most of the time I should have listened my first mind, I disregarded my ability to know the right decisions to make (and act on them) at the right time.

Many times fear can keep us from following our intuition, but life keeps telling me to trust myself.

What about you? Do you listen to your intuition? 

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