Recently Basketball Wives star and Chris Brown’s ex, Draya encouraged Rihanna to get back together with Breezy.

Apparently Draya’s totally over CB, but thinks RiRi should give him a second look.

Although I don’t know if the two women are friends, I guess Draya thinks that getting back together with a man who savagely beat her is a good idea. Go figure.

Yesterday, I was listening to the Love & Sex Show with Dr. Jenn when a woman called in seeking advice about how to talk her best friend out of marying a man who was clearly not husband material. The caller said her friend’s man had anger issues, didn’t care about his girlfriend’s family, and often lied to her. The caller’s friend wanted to stick it out because she just knew ol’ boy had redeemable qualities (uhhh, despite evidence to the contrary), and even worse, her other friends were encouraging her to stay with him.

This got me to thinking. How many times have we cosigned bad relationships under the guise of “working it out”?

While most relationships could stand to undergo a little work, trying to hold together a blatantly dysfunctional relationship does little to help anyone. So why do folks do it?

Have you or your friends ever encouraged someone to hold onto a dysfunctional relationship? Why?

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