Recently Basketball Wives star and Chris Brown’s ex, Draya encouraged Rihanna to get back together with Breezy.

Apparently Draya’s totally over CB, but thinks RiRi should give him a second look.

Although I don’t know if the two women are friends, I guess Draya thinks that getting back together with a man who savagely beat her is a good idea. Go figure.

Yesterday, I was listening to the Love & Sex Show with Dr. Jenn when a woman called in seeking advice about how to talk her best friend out of marying a man who was clearly not husband material. The caller said her friend’s man had anger issues, didn’t care about his girlfriend’s family, and often lied to her. The caller’s friend wanted to stick it out because she just knew ol’ boy had redeemable qualities (uhhh, despite evidence to the contrary), and even worse, her other friends were encouraging her to stay with him.

This got me to thinking. How many times have we cosigned bad relationships under the guise of “working it out”?

While most relationships could stand to undergo a little work, trying to hold together a blatantly dysfunctional relationship does little to help anyone. So why do folks do it?

Have you or your friends ever encouraged someone to hold onto a dysfunctional relationship? Why?

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  • Jay_Z

    I unfortunately find myself as the friend in the dysfunctional relationships, and from my experience, I’ve always had friends who have been honest with me about the relationship from the jump. My friends have never encouraged me to continue something that I didn’t see was obviously wrong. After I end the relationship, I’m always thanking them for the honesty instead of telling me things they thought I wanted to hear. No to Co-signing!

  • grace

    If your dumba** is acting like a dumba** in a relationship, or you are with a dumba**, I will be the first to tell you so. Otherwise I would not consider myself a friend. If something bad happens, at least I said something and it wasn’t like I just stood by.

  • Buttons

    True friends are the mirror that we need to show us things about ourselves that we cannot see. We all have blind spots and moments when we see situations through rose colored glasses, until that true friend pulls our coat tail and gives us a loving dose of reality.

    But, unfortunately, some people don’t want help or advice. They are quite content with their blinders on and being in their dysfunctional relationship and they want to keep it that way. I have a family member, who for the life of her, cannot understand why the rest of the family doesn’t like or respect her boyfriend who is a liar, a sneak, a user, and a thief. However, in this person’s mind he’s the best thing that ever happened to her. I had to realize that she is in a trance and in a serious state of denial.

  • All love is not good love.I had to learn the hard way from my own experince.No, I do not cosign if I believe its not right or healthy relationships.

  • Rabbit

    “I guess Draya thinks that getting back together with a man who savagely beat her is a good idea. Go figure.”

    Didn’t the reports says the woman savage hit him 10 times before the man savage reacted?
    This domestic violence was both ways. And if these savages get back together than so be it. PEOPLE CAN CHANGE! smh.