Under Our Skin is a riveting documentary that chronicles the lives of 8 people suffering from Lyme Disease. A Ballerina, a Baseball player headed to the pros, a mother who spread the disease to her child through breastfeeding, a wife who infected her husband through sexual contact, and other subjects with various stories and backgrounds, play out their battle with the illness and their subsequent uphill battle with the health care system, insurance companies and being misdiagnosed from various doctors.

The film brought out some very important facts about this mysterious disease that is caused by a tick, that the general public is not aware of. According to the Center for Disease control, there are 400,000 new cases per year of this neurological degenerative disease, making it more pervasive than AIDS. Many patients are misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, dystonia and psychological disorders. Which some critics say these misdiagnosis are directly related to lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.

Some doctors flat out state that Lyme disease is not real, and purely a psycho-somatic condition. Some medical professionals even going so far as dismissing it as “nonsense.” While other doctors, like leading Lyme Specialists Dr. Charles Ray Jones and Dr. Joseph Jemsek stand on polar opposite ends of the argument, serving as advocates for treating the disease as a neurological condition and fighting it with an intensive anti-biotic regime. The film showcases these doctors being bullied and sued by insurance companies for acknowledging and treating the disease as something more than a mental illness. The result of their efforts in one instance, resulted in having their medical license revoked.

Because Lyme Disease is being described as “the most serious and controversial epidemics of our time” Under Our Skin is a must see documentary. For a list of screenings in your area.

Click on the link: http://www.underourskin.com/screenings.

Watch the trailer beneath:

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