This morning, I saw that one of my favorite aritsts, Nas, is working with Chris Brown for Breezy’s upcoming album, Fortune. When I read the blurb about their collaboration, I couldn’t help but feel some type of way about it. Although I love (ok, LOVE) Nasir, supporting Brown still makes me a bit uneasy.

Let me say: I believe in second chances. I believe in a person’s ability to change and rise above their past mistakes (at least in theory). I mean, I’ve made my made fair share of mistakes and I hope they’re not still being held against me, but does this “second chance” notion apply to everyone in every situation?

While Chris Brown has indeed paid his debt to society as dictated by the court, every time I try to “forgive” him (and I know he doesn’t need my forgiveness), or rather forget “the incident,” something else happens to make me look at him¬†suspiciously. It’s like that dude from your past who treated you sideways who comes back and says, “Baby I won’t do it again.” The first time he says it, you believe him…then something else happens and you’re not so sure. That’s how I feel about Chris Brown.

I tweeted about my conflicted feelings about loving Nas’ music and possibly wanting to hear the new track, but not feeling comfortable supporting Chris Brown. The homie Bene Viera helped me put it into perspective when she reminded me that “forgiving” and “supporting” are two different things. So while I may listen to the track when its released, I won’t be buying Brown’s albums or laying down my cash for his shows anytime soon.

What do you think? Does everyone deserve a second, third, or fourth chance to get it right?

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