Have you ever been shopping for a ‘nude’ pair of heels, bra, or camisole that would blend in with skin tone only to be met with something only suited for white skin? It’s happened to me, and I’ve just resided myself to be frustrated, but a few new campaigns aims to push designers to be more inclusive of women of color.

One movement, called “Rid of Nude,” wants to replace the term with something more accurate.

The group’s website gives more details about the campaign:

We believe the usage of the term ‘nude’ to describe a light beige hue does not encourage diversity.

Men & women of each race, culture, & nationality are different hues when nude, so the term is quite outdated. It silently implies that light beige is the default for a naked human, and anything different is a deviation from the “norm.”

Another campaign, What’s Your Nude, hopes to push bra designers to offer more color options for women of color.

Clearly, the goal is ambitious, but if these campaigns force designers and cosmetics companies to offer more diverse products, then I’m all for it.

What do you think? Should we get rid of the color “nude”? 
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