We’re all guilty of it. We’re going about our lives and then we see her, the woman in the $700 coat, wearing the $1500 shoes and carrying the bag that costs more than someone would pay for our life. We’re in awe of her and think how lucky or rich she must be to be able to afford such snazzy clothes. Then we see the woman next her. She’s not ugly, not unkempt, but her whole outfit from head to toe costs less than the coat on the other woman. We immediately judge her and think things like, “Oh she has no fashion sense,” “She’s cheap, I would never buy my clothes from that place,” “Maybe she doesn’t make a lot of money,” and the list goes on. The trouble is we don’t truly know the real deal about either woman and based on a fleeting moment in time and one choice in clothing, we’ve formed a whole opinion on whether or not this person is worthy. Of course first impressions are critical, but they aren’t everything. As women we need to stop judging and bashing one another based on the labels we do or don’t wear. It’s time to stop the foolishness and here are a few reasons why.

Clothes Don’t Make The Woman

Gucci, Chanel, Louis, they are all wonderful labels and what fashionista wouldn’t love to own them all, but the reality is not all of us can. Just because you see someone in expensive clothing or ‘cheap’ clothing doesn’t mean that they are what they wear. I know plenty of women decked out in the latest fashion from head to toe on a daily basis who would jump from a balcony and slit your throat like Chaquita in Belly the minute you turned your back. In contrast, I know women who can’t afford to or don’t want to wear designer clothing but would literally give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. The point is clothes don’t make the woman and what you see is not always what you get, so try to dig deeper.

We Are Not Our Clothes

Many of us define our own self worth based on what designer labels we own and how much we spend on certain luxuries, so when we see others with what we deem to be less than what we have, we automatically calculate their worthiness as less than our own. But ladies, we are not our clothes! A pair of red bottoms does not define or determine the worth of you or the woman next to you. True beauty and worth comes from within and the only way you’re going to notice that about the next woman is when you start noticing it within yourself.

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  • Jessica Mercedes

    I live in Miami. This is the capital of people frontin like they got it like that. We have so many young people trying to keep up with the hustlers (drug dealers, strippers, and scam artists) its ridiculous. People are literally breaking the bank to pay for their Infiniti’s, Acura’s, Benz’s, Remy hair, LV, Micheal Kors, Polo, Gucci, popping bottles in the club, making it rain in the strip clubs, etc. They spend so much of their time and money (most of which they don’t have…via credit cards, pay day loans, etc) working towards looking good for other people.
    When you really look at them you’ll see they’re not paying their bills, their gas tank is on E, their fridge is empty, they can’t go anywhere (unless someone else is footing the bill), their house looks like a college dorm room, their kids are in the crappiest daycare, etc.
    I am never envious (or think that a person is better) because of what they wear. Mostly because I am not willing to do a lot of the things that these people are willing to do to get what they have. And if those people really can afford their shopping habits I just give them their props and keep it moving. Why would I automatically assume that this person is better? They’re just a regular ol person with expensive taste.