The Number by Dennis DortchAs we all know, the web is where it’s at for black entertainment. Over the past year we’ve highlighted several black web shows and films that get little recognition from the mainstream media, but deserve to be seen.

From the Misadventure of Awkward Black Girl to Milk + Honey and 12 Steps to Recovery, the web is exploding with interesting shows by black directors and writers.

A few weeks ago we shared two more shows, The Couple and The Number, which are produced by Black&Sexy TV and take a comical look and the intricacies of relationships.

The Number takes a look at growing paranoia of a man who learns about his girlfriend’s sexual past, while The Couple explores what happens when a couple lives together.

Today, the shows’ creators are giving CLUTCH an exclusive look at a special double episode of The Number starring one of our very favorite Clutchettes, Issa Rae.

Although we know Rae as the creator and star of Awkward Black Girl, Dennis Dorch, The Numbers’ creator, says she was perfect for this role.

“After watching and working with Issa on Episode 7 of Awkward Black Girl, I knew she was a star and had a lot more to give us as an actress,” Dortch said. “I created the character specifically for Issa, and she stepped in and brought Lisa to life, complimenting the already hilarious performances from our stars Chasen and Jessica. As the future sister-in-law and nemesis of Melissa, there is much more mischief to come. ”

So while you wait for season two of Award Black Girl, check out Issa Rae guest starring in hilarious new show, The Number.

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