The father of Stacey Nicole English is outraged that police are not doing more to locate the 36-year-old woman who was last seen around Christmas day.” She spent Christmas in Atlanta,” Kevin Jamison, English’s dad told The HuffPo. “My wife and I were on our way back from Florida. She was here for Christmas and she came up missing that night. We don’t know what happened at this point.”

As it stands, English returned to her condo in Atlanta’s Buckhead district following a Christmas gathering at her grandmom’s house. Jemison claims that while at her home, English and a male friend visiting from Missouri got into an argument, resulting in her sending the unnamed friend packing – and out the door.

The gentleman said they got into a dispute and she put him out of her house on Dec. 26 around 10:30 p.m.,” Jamison said. “That person has now gone back to Missouri. He is the last person that we know of who saw her.”

English was reported missing to Atlanta police on December 27. Oddly enough, her mobile phone, iPad, and remote that opens the gate to her condo complex were found inside her home, but her car is missing. The Examiner recalled an account that alleged Ms. English fled her apartment unplanned, and in a rush, but her family insists that her extended absence is completely out of character for Stacey.

Fears deepened when English neglected to return to SunTrust Bank on Tuesday, where she works as an instructional designer. Cindy Jamison, Stacey’s mother, said she tried to contact English numerous times since her vanishing. ATL police fail to sense the urgency, however.

“We don’t suspect foul play at this time,” Sgt. Curtis Davenport told The HuffPo. He continued to admit that a formal search is not being conducted. “Not right at this second,” he said,  I don’t know at this particular moment what the detectives have planned,” Sgt. Davenport added that they have done their duty by disseminating flyers to all local media.

Frustrated at their lack of effort, Kevin Jamison said “Atlanta police have put so many inaccuracies out there and have had so many things wrong in their report… She did not drive off. This is very out of character. She talks to her family and friends two or three times a day and no one has had any contact with her.”

Stacey Nicole English is Hampton grad and Atlanta native who is described by her mother as “a smart, vibrant, out-going and well-liked person… She loved life and loved this city. I am praying someone saw something and can help us bring her home.” Her father vowed to leave no stone unturned in the quest to find his daughter. “We are just praying that she will have a safe return and will keep working on it until she is found.”

A Facebook page has been launched to help uncover Ms. English’s whereabouts and her family urges anyone who knows anything to contact the ATL police right away at 404-614-6544.

For more details please observe the missing flyer:

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