North Carolina Police have arrested a man for trying to use a million dollar bill to pay for $476 dollars worth of items at a local Walmart. When the legitimacy of the bill was challenged by Walmart staff, the man, Michael Fuller, became indignant and insisted that his paper was the real deal. Instead of leaving his microwave, vacuum cleaner, and other home purchases behind like he has good sense, Fuller stuck around until the police arrived. He was arrested and is being charged with “attempting to obtain property by false pretense” and “uttering a forged instrument.” He is in jail on a $17,500 bond.

The largest bill in circulation is $100 and I think most people know that, so what on earth was this man thinking when he decided to cook up a million dollar bill? And if he didn’t make it himself, why would he think he’d purchased a reliable fake that he could spend? Did he think the clerk would simply ring up his stuff, take the bill, and hand him over $900,000 in change? Whose face is on the bill? Richard Nixon’s? Elvis Presley’s? I need answers because I just don’t understand this kind of stupidity.
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