Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and think, “I really should spice up my hair a bit.” I do love my natural hair. But, I’m the type of girl that gets bored when I start to look the same everyday.

In a natural hair world of twists, twist outs, cornrows, up dos, afros, and frohawks, I like to take these hairstyles to the next level. The best way to do that is to accessorize!

Once I put a stunning hair accessory within my curls, I feel like runway model ready to strut. Here are some of my favorite accessory discoveries.

1. Turban

Ever wake up and just do not feel like doing your hair? The turban is the perfect solution for your lazy hair days. You can either put all of your tresses underneath or you can let a little bit of your hair hang out. Also, it’s a keeps your hair protected and healthy at the same time. Can you say hair miracle? Amen.

2. Scarves

One of the best accessories for natural hair is the scarf. Scarves can easily be transformed into head wraps, and headbands. When looking for scarves, you want to stick to satin and silk fabrics because cotton scarves have a tendency to dry as well as pull your hair out. Whether you buy at a fabric store or a beauty supply store, this accessory has long lasting diversity in color and in prints.

3. Oversized Hair Bows and Flowers

What’s perfect for special occasions or just everyday wear? Say hello to oversized hair bows and flowers. It’s an easy way to add a little bit of style to an afro, a frohawk, or any hairstyle you desire. You can make your own with some materials from a craft store or you can purchase them at an accessories shop.

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