Franchesca Ramsey’s video “Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls” has been blowing up the internet since its release. While many found it absolutely hilarious (and true), some people felt it was racist.

Yesterday, Ramsey appeared on Anderson Cooper’s daytime show, Anderson, to discuss the video and respond to her critics.

Ramsey, who is a comedian, blogger, and designer, told Cooper she created the video because she wanted to do something funny. Clearly, she succeed.

Cooper also asked the comedian what she thought about the negative reaction to her video and the fact some people felt it was racist.

We thought Ramsey’s commentary on race was both hilarious and poignant and hope she continues to bring her brand of comedy to the masses.

Did you see Franchesca Ramsey on Anderson? What did you think?

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  • Socially Maladjusted


    I’m gonna break my rule against fawning over women.

    This SIsta is gorgeous, a one woman beauty standard all by herself that beats out all comers, including the vaunted white beauty standard.

    Got it all, beauty, booty, natural hair and wit – (a rare combination in black women)

    So refreshing.

    No flicking and tossing fake hair and tryna act out out stereotypical white girl –

    well only in mockery.

    The rest of yous – take a leaf.

    • realitycheck

      yeah, she has all of that…. and a white fiance who appreciates it even more !!!

    • Alexandra



      I don’t know why he had couldn’t give Chesca a compliment (she deserves) without revealing his insecurities.

    • QON

      @reality check

      All that proves is that both white and black men appreciate the same types of fine qualities in a women and reject the same types of unrefined qualities in a woman. So black men arent so different after all.

    • Socially Maladjusted

      realitycheck & alexandra

      please exempt me from white d ick/white nani war that black american men and women are fighting with each other.

      I’m not american, an attractive natural haired and witty black woman dating a white man doesn’t even arouse my apathy. coz it’s nothing new to me.

      Ya see here in England blacks and whites date each other all over the place, and in many cases –

      they’re doing so for HEALTHY reasons – not to punish men or women of their own race or because they hate themselves.

      The ones who do it for unhealthy reasons keep their mouths shut because they would be blasted by both blacks and whites as –

      race traitors – and rightly so because that’s what they are.

      Who’s insecure now eh?


    • Socially Maladjusted


      They really wanted me to change my mind about this chick and thought the magic bullet to accomplish that was telling me she dates white men.

      Haters man.

      Black women who wear dreadlocks (especially here in the UK) have figured out what most of these idiots can’t figure out – that the reason so many black men find white women attractive is their differentness, the white wrapping.

      These idiots want white men and think trying to look like a white woman will do the trick.


      white men are the same as black men – they prefer black women who come in black wrapping.

      silly mooses

      locks up and go git you a white main.


    • Alexandra

      Who’s at war? Reading those blogs, eh. I thought the response was funny. So? And then I saw your comment.

      You couldn’t give a compliment without downing the same demographic she is part of, that’s insecurity to me. You didn’t address that. Why else would you mention her being a rarity. Obviously….

    • QON


      You in the UK? Me too.

      Yes, Franchesca is one of those girls that chicks like “reality check” think are the norm for black women. We all know that Chesca is very different from most black women and her qualities as an atypical black woman appeals to all sorts of men. Even the crazy, socially maladjusted black man. I mean, wasnt Srgt Willie Pete going on and on about her? He essentially said the same thing you did about her.

    • QON


      “Ya see here in England blacks and whites date each other all over the place, and in many cases –

      they’re doing so for HEALTHY reasons – not to punish men or women of their own race or because they hate themselves.”

      Thank you. Eventhough I have been dating inter racially since like forever and eventually married an Asian lad, which brought me to the UK, it didnt occur to me that my motivation was the hatred of and the disillusionment with black men. So when I talk about my inter racial marriage,my position on black men, my criticism of the culture of black women, and my concern for black children- especially black boys, its always assumed that I couldnt possibly be a black woman. Im either a black man, a white woman, a white man… someone even accused me of being Kim Kardashian. I mean how can a black woman be married inter racially, not hate black men and not think black women are perfect?

    • Vertigo Schtick


      Oh same here! Maybe we’re all three in disguise. Clearly.

    • Socially Maladjusted


      “Who’s at war?”

      Already answered that – black americans, with each other over who can show more hatred for their own kind by white worship

      You couldn’t give a compliment without downing the same demographic she is part of, that’s insecurity to me. You didn’t address that.

      I don’t think so – who am I to drown any demographic? You’re giving me way too much power woman, which indicates insecurity on your part.

      I mean what’s the world coming to if a black man can’t even express a preference in a woman and explain WHY he has that preference, without somebody tryna sic whitey on him?


      Why else would you mention her being a rarity.

      Er because women who appeal to men’s ideals are a rarity in any race – that’s the difference between a beautiful woman and one who just looks good.

      I just confused an image of black female perfection that only lives in my head with what I saw in this chick.

      not fair on her

      not fair on her all the black women I criticized for not being her.

      I get it and I’m sorry I said those things – I APOLOGIZE.

      With all that said – had a feeling she probably dates IR,

      But surely black women, most of all, should understand my “predicament”, it’s one that black women are familiar with – all the “best” one’s seem to date out?


      Well that’s not true of course because the best ones are the ones who don’t date out and DOstay true to our people.

      I’ll try be more careful what I say about sistas in the future and check WHO I say it about first.

      shoulda kept my mouth shut on this one, this is one of the reasons I don’t fawn over women, everytime you do, you get punished for it.


      The End

    • Vertigo Schtick

      “Got it all, beauty, booty, natural hair and wit – (a rare combination in black women)”

      If that’s your version of a compliment I’m glad you’ve decided to keep your mouth shut. That’s the most backhanded insult to black women I’ve ever seen. And I’m supposed to be a white man *eyeroll* :/ Disgusting.

    • Socially Maladjusted


      er who was talking you? mind your own damn business – white man.

    • QON


      “Got it all, beauty, booty, natural hair and wit – (a rare combination in black women)”

      Yes, this was a bit of a diss to the sistas but it is true. You dont see many Chescas walking around the hood. Its a reality black women must accept however you dont have to rub it in our faces.

      I get your point though and youre spot on when it comes to exposing black Americans obessions with “revenge sex” with white people. Its like black folks always discover a new low to reach.

    • Vertigo Schtick

      Uh, I’m not a white man. I’m saying you called me one asshat. Why don’t you keep your bitter opinions about black women to yourself.

    • realitycheck

      1. I never mentioned black men….at all. why do you feel the need to bring them up ?

      2. I have locks, (hence my appreciation and admiration of Chescaleigh <– her youtube name) I've known of her LONG before this video was released and am probably a bigger fan of her natural beauty than you'd expect.

      3. I find it funny you mentioned SWP QON. You basically assured what I always knew. Many of you weren't even interested in this chick (or black women with natural hair for that matter) until that SWP character started gawking over her(gave you another fault to find in black women). before then, many of YOU WERE NOT INTO NATURAL HAIR. A lot you are here trying to push a secret agenda as opposed to actually liking this woman.

      4. " You dont see many Chescas walking around the hood." <— this statement brings up another point. black men's (yeah, i brought them up here, not before) issues with black women is of their own doing. black men simply pick bad black women. who's honestly checking for women in the hood besides hood dudes (and those who subscribed to that hood mentality.)

    • Alexandra

      Well, took you a while to admit that you gave an insulting compliment, why else do you feel punished. You just admitted it was backhanded? I never said anything about your preferences, I do not care about them nor the interracial dating you keep talking about. I just called you out on it. And your “our people” comment :-p

      That fact that QON mentioned the name of someone known for bitching about Black women for most of his life, even pathetically attacking a writer on this site for an article, only confirms what a lot of people on here say about you. I don’t even doubt that you’re not a woman, because I don’t like all Black women or Black men, but your comments are predictable. Your perceptions are blurred and that explains your presence on this site.

    • Socially Maladjusted

      @alexander realitycheck and the rest

      I’m a black man – a BLACK FIRST, PROUD TO BE BLACK, BLACK MAN

      who loves himself and the people I come from –

      that would be –


      My reference to “our people” doesn’t include YOU if you’re not black, –


      are the type who doesn’t keep it black. You aint my people.

      end of


      As for my preferences – they DID bother you, which is why you tried to sic whitey on somebody to make em feel hurt over a woman they’ve never even met.

      You tried to play on YOUR imputed assumption that black men are insecure about white men dating black women.

      sigh – smh

      . . . coz black men are notorious for being threatend by white men’s “MASSIVE” sexuality – right?


      No girls, next time you wanna piss someone off with IR dating, tell a white dude that a fit white chick is dating black man. A big beefed up, tatted up, hairy scary, thugged out one (like me) – ya get more bang for your race baiting buck that way round

      or say the two magic words to a black american woman – WHITE GIRL or concurrently, Kim Kard-ASS-ian.


      lastly – please review the “discussion” to see WHO started the slide into interacial dating

      wasn’t me –

      please remember it was YOU who got mad and tried to sic whitey on me. I mean, you could have called me out the same way Vertigo Shtick came at me, but you went with what hurts YOU most – interacial dating. LOL!

      So don’t come puttin on ‘who cares’ airs, after the fact and failure of your wet IR attack.

      kiss teeth

      Is there anyone in this joint who can put up the kind of resistence that requires me to be conscious when I’m delivering a beat down?

    • Vertigo Schtick

      Cool story bro.

  • Alexandra

    Big Chesca fan here. I love how she explained herself in how she couldn’t relate & created something she could relate too.
    Bravo! I’m happy for her

    • QON


      I dont know about you but I could totally relate to “Shit Black Girls Say.” It was also one of the funnier ones if not the funniest one. This one was cool but I dont have that many white girl friends. Chesca probably has scores of them.

    • Alexandra

      I could relate Shit Black Girls Say, specifically the ‘delete’ ramapage. I do that a lot; every New Year to be exact.

      I have White girlfriends and none of them have said what Chesca mentioned in her parody. However, I’ve encountered women (Black and Non-Black) who were shocked to see me ‘tan’ or ask what happens if my hair gets wet.

    • Vertigo Schtick


      I get the dirtiest looks when I say I love tanning. I love my skin darker! I love my midnight shade. In my opinion everyone looks better with a little color. Even the darker ones haha.

    • Alexandra

      Yes! I want to say… the shock comes from people believing that wanting to be dark, when you’re already dark is not normal. I had to include Black women in there, cause I always get a side eye from them the most. Not that I don’t know why :-p

  • @me

    she’s so pretty!

  • BeautyIAM

    I’ve been a subscriber to her channel for while now. Its great to see her career moving forward. Her responses were spot on.

  • joy

    Beautiful women, great response!

    on a side note: Sometimes, I hate reading the comments section on Clutch because you realize how much black people as a whole have no unity which would probably explain why black people all over the world face so many damn problems. Its really sad that we try to differentiate between Black British, Black African, and Black/African American. Enough already!