Most women dream of being the perfect blend of timeless classic, sexy and modern on their wedding day. They want to be able to look back on the pictures 10 years later and see a dress perfect for then and now. What they don’t dream of seeing in their wedding photos? Ass cheeks. But at Berlin Fashion Week, edgy German bridal house Kaviar Gauche gave brides everywhere just that when it revealed what might be the most shocking wedding gown yet: a glorified g-string. The risqué gown resembles a monokini-style bathing suit and the brave model sporting the ‘dress’ was draped in a floor-length veil.

My thoughts? It would be perfect for a modern day ‘Like A Virgin’ performance at the next MTV VMA show, is Brittany Spears available? I’m all for designers taking risks, but some risks are unnecessary and way too far out there to ever be taken seriously. Really, who is honestly going to walk into a church and down the aisle with their ass cheeks hanging out in front of family, friends, the pastor and, oh yea…God?

Check out the video and judge for yourself:

Would you wear a g-string wedding dress?

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