I dunno if she knew what was going on or, as one of my friend’s put it, “this is like cruelty to old folks,” but I could not stop laughing at this viral video of a grandma getting her groove on to Tyga’s (raunchy!) song “Rack City.”

Now, my grandmother would have slapped me six ways till Sunday for even LISTENING to this song, let alone cutting a rug to it, but hey…if she likes it, I love it. And it definitely made me chuckle.

What is the funniest thing your grandparents ever did? 

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  • Ms. Information

    The song said “grandma on my dick” and he pointed to her…FAIL.

  • Uhh

    I looked at the other videos on his channel and was quite disappointed. He talked to his grandmother any kind of way. He hurled obscenities at her and in her prescence and was in general very disrespectful. I would love it if my grandma took an interest in my music, but he came of like a jerk.

  • Lol.I loved this cuz if was so funk in funny lol ;)