Gabrielle Union never thought she’d be a mother. The actress recently told Ocean Drive magazine that although she’s been married before, being a mom was off the table in years past, but now she’s open to it.

“I was never someone who thought about having kids,” she says. “I mean, they’re great in theory, but I never imagined having one [myself]. Maybe over the next five years I could wrap my brain around becoming a mother and what that would mean in terms of sacrifice and dedication. I don’t do anything impulsively, so more toward the five years out than the one-year.”

Union has been with her longtime boyfriend, NBA baller Dwayne Wade, for years now and is helping him take care of his sons, Zaire and Zion. So perhaps that’s what’s opened her heart to being a mom?

Either way, I appreciate Union’s approach to motherhood. Unlike too many others who rush into being a mom without much forethought, Union’s ability to take her time and figure out what she really wants is impressive.

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