Ever since Jodi Kantor’s book on the President and the First Lady titled, The Obamas, was released it’s been causing quite a stir. Although Kantor spoke with several high-level aids, she didn’t interview the President and the First Lady for the book, which they claim contains several inaccuracies.

Although Kantor is standing by her book, which takes a look at the inner workings of the Obamas’ marriage, and focuses specifically on Mrs. Obama’s role in the White House, many have said it offers little in the way of new information about the couple. What it does show, however, is what we’ve always known: Michelle has Barack’s back…no matter what.

Recently Gawker decided to do the heavy lifting and pull out 10 quotes that give readers the gist of the book without having to wade through the tome.

Check out an excerpt from their list of the 10 “annoying lines” that summarize the book.

  • “For all their ease together in public and the stunning ambition they had shown in pursuing the presidency, the Obamas were not entirely comfortable with the bargains they had made.”
  • “In public, they smiled and waved, but how were the Obamas really reacting to the White House…?”
  • “The presidential campaign supported Michelle’s highest hopes about politics but also validated some of her worst fears.”
  • “In other words, the home part of the White House was not a house at all. It was a box within a larger box, the world’s most prestigious executive apartment.”
  • “All she wanted was to be an asset to the administration, and instead she was being treated as a potential liability.” [Asset/liability, nice — Ed.]
  • “What if his attempts to reconcile the irreconcilable — Michelle and politics, but also many other issues — were impossible; what if the attempts themselves came with their own costs?”
  • “They had made their original decision to run for the presidency based on the idea that he would be able to do great things in office, not on the possibility that his presidency would get stuck.”
  • “Some of the qualities that made her fit in poorly into her husband’s political life — her idealism, exactitude, unwillingness to settle for less than what they wanted — were also qualities on which her husband depended, especially when things were going badly.”

So…there you have it. Michelle Obama was unsure of her husband’s run and how it would affect their family, she had a difficult time adjusting to the White House, and she wants her husband to do “great things.”

What’s revolutionary about that?

Read the rest of the list over on Gawker’s site.

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