We see it all the time and maybe you have been the one to participate in it. Yeah, you know those water cooler discussions about that girl that sits next to you in your cubicle. You gather with the other women in the office and quip,“Girl, she think she cute.” Or that head to toe gaze and the unnecessary rolling of the eyes at the girl with the perfectly supple ample apple bottom derriere in her corporate freak’em dress at the happy hour. All the shade that is thrown to Amber Rose and the accusations of her being a whore and a slut, when no one really knows who she has or has not let bless her sweet vajayjay.

Women do it all the time, and the bitter sad truth of the matter is the ones that are participating in this sick sad madness are really just jealous. Point, blank period. Jealous that the synthetic $12.99 yaki weave they have in their hair, doesn’t lay quite like the Indian tresses tightly sewn in to ol’girls hair. Or that their Payless doesn’t if feel good pumps don’t quite measure up to homegirls Miu Miu’s. They gush, “Girl who she think she is?” and her answer without even having to articulate a response is “I’m a bad chic.”

We see this endless charade of cattiness in almost every facet of our lives. When the rumors began flying about Noel Jones being engaged to the beautiful actress Lisa Raye, single church ladies everywhere clutched their pearls and whispered, “Why he want to marry her?” Surely that must be a rhetorical question, she’s aged like fine, her body is ridiculously amazing, and she is accomplished in her career. The real question is “Why he don’t want to marry you?”

It’s so disappointing, and it defies age or social class standing. Can’t we give other women a genuine damn compliment and keep it moving. We all have our own intrinsic value. Don’t knock the next woman because hers is brightly shining. Jealousy is an infectious disease that affects the perpetrator more than the target. Study your own story boo.

– Jayne Dirt

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