Malam Bacai Sanha, 64-year-old President of the West African nation Guinea-Bissau has died in a Paris hospital, where he was being treated for a serious illness. Sanha traveled to Paris in November to seek treatment, but recently succumb to his undisclosed illness.

President Sanha was elected in 2009 after serving as the country’s interim president, and has been trying to govern despite a history of unrest and political coups.

Since being elected, President Sanha has been in and out of hospitals, even spending time seeking treatment in neighboring Senegal before being going to Paris. Although the government has yet to say what caused Sanha’s death, many believe he suffered from diabetes.

Recently, Guinea-Bissau has been plagued by growing civil unrest and political instability, and the U.S. issued a travel warning to its citizens regarding the country’s current climate.

President Sanha is survived by his wife and child.

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