As African-Americans, hair comes in many different colors, lengths and textures, but as long as your tresses are growing it doesn’t matter, right? There are several women out there who suffer from hair loss and use wigs and weaves to cover it up. Often times women are so worried about making their hair long the population that lose it go unheard.

A new study was released last March done by Los Angeles-based Dr. Ken Washenik where hair multiplication aka cloning was the answer for women suffering from the devastating effects of hair loss. The technology “involves culturing hair follicle progenitors and implanting them into the patient’s scalp where they will develop into active hair follicles.”

Let’s take Naomi Campbell and Wendy Williams for example, both women are public figures who opt to wear wigs and weaves due to hair loss and would benefit significantly if they were to undergo the process. Perhaps because they are in the spotlight it is a tad bit different, but they could be advocates of the technology that is supposed to ultimately cure baldness.

Are you someone who wears a wig or weave to hide your hair loss condition? Are you just fine with the way things are for your tresses now or would you take a risk and try the hair cloning technology?

-Krystal Holmes

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