Let’s be honest . . .taking care of your hair whether it’s permed, relaxed, or natural is a daily task that takes a lot of dedication.

Maintaining my natural hair involves hours of twisting strands and twisting out strands, detangling every little coil, and waiting months for growth to show.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could laugh off your frustrations or feel like someone knows what you are going through? Well, I have found a tumblr that should be every natural hair girl’s best friend.

The tumblr simply named Natural Hair Problems acknowledges all the problems you may have with your natural tresses from weather related issues to how much time you spend on your hair.

The author behind this hilarious tumblr is Tracy, who happens to be a writer and marketer from Louisville, KY. Her main website is BrokeyMcPoverty.com. She has contributed to the Huffington Post and Uptown Magazine.

Some of my favorite quotes include:

Natural Hair Problem # 3: “When your grandmother keeps asking when you gonna somethin’ to that head.”

Natural Hair Problem #38: “ Living in constant fear of a bug flying into your hair and getting stuck.”

Natural Hair Problem #60: “If you had a nickel for every time you had to say “Yes, this is all my real hair.”

Check out this funny hair tumblr when you have some free time.

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