Missing Black Women

You’ve heard the stories of young women who’ve fallen victim to a mysterious fate while on vacation, walking to school, or sitting in their own home. You’ve heard the stories, you’ve seen the tear-stained faces of their families begging for their safe return. The names Natalee Holloway, Caylee Anthony, and Laci Peterson became household names, but what about the others we never hear about?

A few weeks ago we told you about TVOne’s new show, Find Our Missing, which highlights the unsolved cases of black people who have disappeared. Unlike the Holloway, Anthony and Peterson cases, missing people of color rarely garner any media attention at all. In fact, of the 692,944 people who were reported missing in 2010, 273,985 were minorities (40% were black, and 64,000 were female). But how many cases of missing people of color did we hear about?

The media’s silence when people of color goes missing is deafening.

As with most things the media chooses to focus on, it becomes abundantly clear that the mainstream media does not care about missing black people. Thankfully, the Black and Missing foundation, as well as TVOne’s new show Find Our Missing are shinning a light on these cases.

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  • antibigot

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  • For those poeple upset over the tv show focusing on only colored missing people, they should be upset on their bias mind because their biased mind only cares about missing white people and that is why the media puts those stories up. Let’s level up the resources and take care of our own, mainstream america only cares about themselves white rich missing people. If your poor and worst poor and of color you will never get ten seconds of tv airtime.