From Frugivore — When Bubba Sparxxx sang about Ms. New Booty several years ago he had no idea that years later women would take the words so literally. Last year we saw an explosion in ‘new’ booty with the emergence of Nicki Minaj, Angel Lola Luv and the like. Women everywhere were in pursuit of ‘new’ booty as if it was the difference between life and death, and in some cases it was. We saw a rise in deaths of women, desperate for the curves God left out of his design, who risked their lives to have silicone, cement and other dangerous toxins injected into their behinds.

Of course we all want to stand in front of a mirror and feel sexy and shapely, but this obsession with the junk in our trunk is literally killing us. From taking out loans and mortgaging houses to lying on tables in dirty hotel rooms women are doing any and everything to achieve booty perfection…but it doesn’t truly exist.

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