Just when you thought Herman Cain was so 2011, he’s back for the New Year with a new gimmick.

After calling off his GOP nomination bid amid sexual harassment claims and an extramarital affair,the former Republican presidential candidate returned to the spotlight this week. Cain recently appeared on Fox News to talk about his new initiative The Solutions Revolution.

To kick off his new program, Cain told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he’ll be going on a bus tour and spreading his “Solutions Revolution” across the country.

Wednesday, Cain released a video for his revolution and it’s another doozy. The video, which looks suspiciously like a campaign ad, appears as though it was filmed in Cain’s home office and features several creepy close-ups.

Although he claims to want to help America, many feel this latest stunt is just Cain’s attempt to fatten his wallet and snag a Fox News show.

What do you think of Herman Cain’s newest ad? 

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