Monday, on Love & Hip Hop Chrissy finally got her wish. Although she’s been down with Jimmy Jones for seven years–and even dropped to her knee to propose–he still seemed lukewarm to the idea of actually getting hitched. Despite being loving and putting her ahead of everyone else, including his crazy mother, Jim just didn’t seem ready to get married.

Until Monday’s episode.

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In what was probably one of the LEAST romantic proposals I’ve seen, Jim Jones (sorta) popped the question and presented Chrissy with a huge rock for her ring finger.

In reality, Chrissy and Jim have been engaged for a while–as Chrissy’s BEEN rocking the ring–but facts remain the same: Chrissy had to wait…for years…for Jim to put a ring on it.

Many have called Chrissy, and women like, her dumb for waiting so long for their men to be ready to be marriage, but is there a limit to the time women should “wait”?

On New Year’s Eve superstar NBA baller LeBron James proposed to his longtime girlfriend, high school sweetheart, and the mother of his children, Savannah. While many showered the couple with congrats, others wondered–very loudly–why Savannah waited so long for LeBron to get his ish together.

I find it funny that no one uttered the same sentiment about Beyonce and Jay-z’s relationship, despite the couple being together for a decade, but only being married for four years. No one questioned why Beyonce wasted her time while waiting for Jay to “put a ring on it.” No, we simply congratulated the couple and kept it moving.

So why can’t some be happy for other women who have waited…sometimes willingly, sometimes not…for their men to be ready to marry?

Look at the alternative. Rushing into marriage is never a good idea. Not only can it lead to quickie marriages (and even quicker divorces), but it can also make the relationship ripe for infidelity.

While I might not wait for six or seven years for my boo to pop the question, who am I to say what’s too long of a wait for the next woman?

But what do you think? How long is too long to wait for him to put a ring on it?  

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