When I was younger and *ahem* more innocent, kissing was the move. If I found myself with a little boyfriend I couldn’t count the seconds until we kissed, which was usually two seconds after we decided to be official. However now as an adult kissing is something that is more intimate for me. No it’s not sex or allowing him into my home, but it is still a very intimate show of affection that I can’t just have with any and everyone.

Many of my dates have respected my choice to not have loose lips, but lately I have encountered men who have straight up called me immature for “over thinking” the value of a kiss. Even some of my friends have teased me about holding out on kissing when I lost my tongue kissing virginity decades ago. But my kisses are worth more than gold and if a man truly respects me he’ll wait on my kisses. I mean if it’s ‘just a kiss’ then it shouldn’t be so hard to wait on it right? I don’t have a specific time limit, I’m not going the Steve Harvey route and waiting 90 days or some mess like that, but just until I feel comfortable enough with the person and the situation to give myself to them in that way. Besides, you can’t go around kissing folk all willy nilly, there are way too many germs in this world and I don’t know where his mouth has been…just saying.

How long did you wait to have your first kiss with a new man?

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