As an honorary Londoner (never mind I’ve only been once, I’m claiming the title), I was pleased to see a promo video for the 2012 Olympic games in London featuring East London’s own, Idris Elba.

Now, I could watch Idris read the classified ads and I’d still catch THE FEVER, but seeing him show viewers around his neighborhood in advance of the 2012 Olympics was kind of cool.

While I was in London over the holiday, I saw construction springing up all over the city, and I’m convinced the Olympics will be AMAZING. However, some of the locals I spoke with complained that Olympics planners don’t really want them to be involved in the games (i.e. the difficulty Londoners have getting tickets, the fact they’ve been told not to use the trains during the games, etc).

One way local Londoners (and visitors) can get involved is by participating in many of the free festivals leading up to the Olympics. Check out the official 2012 London Olympics site for details.

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